The Captain's Leather Coat

The coat is made from pieces of thin corrugated card carefully shaped, scored and bent to create the required form. The edges are reinforced with thin wire ans the whole thing is covered in gaffa tape and pva and tissue to make it strong and flexible.

This piece is not finished. The arms, shoulders etc will be added once it has been attached to the body.

I'll paint it with layered washes of brown and black acrylic and pva to give it the old worn leather look.

The Captain continued

The figure is now developing some character. The eyes have been covered with goggles made from bits of plastic and plastiroc. A jacket inspired by Robert De Niro's in Stardust has been made from card and splitpins with a few bits of brass for the buckle on the shoulder strap. I can now add the coat which is partly made over this and give him arms.

Steam Punk Captain

This figure is now taking shape, for a while I had no clear idea of what he was going to be. He was based on an idea for a Victorian figure with big moustache and top hat. Originally the goggles (all Steam punk figures need goggles!) were going to be on the hat but not sure now.

I've created the basic coat shape and now need to decide on the collar, probably a big one and maybe big drapes over the shoulder.

He's built on a base so I can add some kind of control levers as if he was at the helm of a ship

the finished heads, they only took a couple of hours each to make, I wonder if they will sell?

new designs

I wanted to do some smaller work which can be sold at a lower price than my figurative work. Here you can see 2 treesprite heads, made from twisted wire and fimo with beads for eyes. They are on a baking tray waiting to go in the oven. They were only quick experiments and took less than an hour each to make. They have little loops on the back so they can be hung on a wall.