Long time...

It's been a year since I've posted here mostly because my Facebook page is easier to maintain and receives more traffic. I thought I'd update here with some strange sightings.....

Bristol Con 2013

I exhibited at my first ever convention yesterday. Bristol Con is a farily intimate affair and aimed more at the litery side of fantasy and scifi than the big cosplay or comic cons but was great fun. The art room housed about 8 artists all of whom were incredibly friendly and welcoming even the big names like Jim Burns and Mark Buckingham.
I met some great people, lots of people liked my work and wnated to know how I do what I do.
Below are some pics of the Art Room

Jennie Gyllblad www.jenniegyllblad.com


The awesome Jim Burns

And my neighbour at the show Jo Gruenegan www.fairieswearbootsdesigns.co.uk

finally some cool steampunk props.

Trolls, gnoles and other assorted creatures.

Just a selection of this summer's work.

Trolls abroad.

Took some of the guys out for a day in the woods with my new cannon 600D.

The Scriviner

I'm really enjoying this new series, and seeing what I can do with sculpey. The book, quill, ink pot and satchel are all from coloured sculpey.

And a couple of extra details missing when I photographed him.

Trolls and things

My two latest creations;

The Deep Wood Tribe

I've spent the last 3 months creating a new tribe of Treesprites ready to take to Lilith of Avalon this week. The last of the first group sold today.