Bristol Con 2013

I exhibited at my first ever convention yesterday. Bristol Con is a farily intimate affair and aimed more at the litery side of fantasy and scifi than the big cosplay or comic cons but was great fun. The art room housed about 8 artists all of whom were incredibly friendly and welcoming even the big names like Jim Burns and Mark Buckingham.
I met some great people, lots of people liked my work and wnated to know how I do what I do.
Below are some pics of the Art Room

Jennie Gyllblad


The awesome Jim Burns

And my neighbour at the show Jo Gruenegan

finally some cool steampunk props.


ferinn said...

Your stand looks amazing! I hope it leads to lots of good things for you.Our exhibition finished on Saturday ,we took it down this morning.

Trollman said...

Really sorry didn't get to see it, was working flat out for this show, plus had end of term leggy. JJ saw it and was impressed. Did you sell? I have managed quite a few sales after a fairy ball in Glastonbury at the weekend. Really feel like my work is getting out there now. Not ready to give up teaching yet though!

gulmina khan said...

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Unknown said...

Are you selling pieces?

Trollman said...

Yes I am. Please check out my Facebook page Impsandthings or email me on Thanks so much for the interest.

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