summer creations

It's been a creative summer and here are two of my latest pieces.
Firstly the Steam Cannon, originally planned as a telescope but when I turned the tube around it looked much better like this.

And secondly, The Gironaut. I made him as a hanging piece because I'm running short of space to keep all my work!

Incidentally all these shots were taken on my ipad of which I'm very fond. The only down side is that although I can post photos to my Facebook page: The Professor's Steampunk Emporium I can't blog from it which is a real shame as I've enjoyed taking photos of work in progress and posting them as I go on fb.

The Professor's Patented Steam Powered Perambulator

The finished piece.

The Professor's Patented Steampowered Perambulating Command Chair

For the legs I had in mind something like the tipods from War of the Worlds. While making the bockpit the polystyrene ball has been sat on a plastic ring. I cut slits into this so the 3 legs would slot in. The 3 legs fit snugly together and are packed out with hot glue.

To give a good surface texture the legs are painted white and then stained with burnt umber, this is rubbed back slightly with a soft paper towel to give a nice texture.

The legs are given detail with layers of card and bits of plastic to make pistons


Once in place the machine looks a bit plain so I've added lots of cables and tubes as well as funnel's exhausts. All from bits of scrap I have in my collection. The clear tubes are filled with fairy liquid and plugged with brass rods which then slot into the sculpture.