The finished Steampowered Pennyfarthing

I'm not sure this really falls under the genre of steampunk. I've seen a lot of discussion about what is or isn't 'steampunk' and much criticism of the 'whack a pair of brass goggles and a few cogs on it' school of thought. Personally I just love the creative opportunities the genre offers and for my own work the richness of materials, surfaces and characters I can explore.
This piece is a little rough around the edges in places but I had fun making it which is my main goal.


 The nearly finished piece. I just need to add some more metallic finish and a few little details.


 This is one of those sculptures that just came out of nowhere. The figure was originally the pilot for a dirigible which I have yet to make, but he was too big, so after a bit of playing the work below came about.

I had originally planned the figure to be a pilot with a kind of traditional British RAF officer look, hence the handlebar moustache and goggles. This seemed wrong for the cyclist so I gave him a monacle and top hat.

Construction of the bike is still in the planning stage here, handlebars and headlamp need to be added and some of the wood will be repalce by brass rods to give a more period feel. 

 And obvioulsy this wont be a normal pennyfarthing. It will be steam powered!

Shock trooper

Pleased with all the tubes and bits, less happy with the gasmask. I may redo this at some point.

Shock trooper

Progress has been quick the last few days and the figure, tentatively titled Shock Trooper is almost complete. Below are various shots of the progress.  I've experimented with lots more tubes on this figure, often filled with fariy liquid and I think the range of colours and materials works well.

You can't see much of the boots under the coat.

Close up of the finished gas mask.

Steampunk soldier being constructed.

Things have been a bit slow lately but the arrival of the school holidays means I've been able to put some work in on this figure. Originally intended as a bulky figure as a companion to the Imperial Guard, inspired by some concept designs from Sucker Punch of WW1 German steam powered zombie soldiers in gas masks.

I started with a simple wire armature wrapped in card and masking tape to get the basic body shape. The armature is sunk into a block of mdf for a base, the feet are then built up using plastiroc (DAS). Below you can also see that a roll of card has been added to the leg to creat the boot shape.

The head starts with a small ball of paper and tape onto which I've built modelling clay, The plastic eye sockets of the gasmask he will be wearing are sunk into this and the clay smoothed round them

Early on I added a piece of dowel as the breathing tube of the gas mask but this didn't look right so was removed later on also the groove you can see was to allow the breathing tubes to slot in, they didn't fit as planned when I changed the design later.

The hands were made from thin wire twisted into an armature and covered with thin strips of masking tape

A small shaped piece of card was added to give shape to the hand and the whole thing covered in masking tape. The hand is given a coat of pva to add strength and stop the tape peeling off.
Then the hand is attached to the figure. Quite often at this stage individual fingers are the wrong length so I chop them down, you can see the cut edges below.

Much later on in the figures progress I add gauntlets. These are made from pieces of thick brown paper (courtesy of the scrapstore) stregthened along the edge with thin wire so I can bend them to shape.