Mr Hyde

I was discussing with someone on Deviantart the idea of creating Steampunk characters based on well known novels. She suggested Oliver Twist. Fat too cute.. so Mr Hyde. I've already done a few doctor/scientist types so it seemed a good choice. Plus I wanted something with a big mechanical arm, a dangerous looking beast of a figure. I know Hyde is not mechanical but this is steampunk so lets assume that Jekyll's skill is not medicine but robotics; hence half man half machine.

Below are some pics to get me thinking (I've tried to include links to the artist's pages where possible):

I want to include some of my favourite elements such as a big Victorian greatcoat with shoulder cape, I used a plastic vial full of washing up liquid in my last figure's back and this would fit with Hyde, along with other mechanical bits in his back. Also a big mechanical arm dragging on the floor and big heavy boots all topped off with lots of straps and buckles.
I'm not sure about the face, goggles and respirator or a distorted human face, perhaps one side mechanical (terminator style)?

Steam Punk Gentleman finished

I had planned to show more images of this under construction but time was against me. I really wanted to get him finished before the school term saps my creative energy. Also I'm considering sending some saleable work to a new craft centre opening near Leicester so I need to create a few more imp heads. They are not hard but I will need to clear my desk which is a real mess with all the bits of junk etc from this figure.

Anyway I think this figure has worked well, I really like the bent body shape which shows off the cogs and a new idea (for me, but you see it in lots of Steam Punk work) which is a vial of liquid, actually washing up liquid! It's a bit yellow as I didn't have any green which would look better.
I'm really getting into the idea of lots of tubes and bits coming out of my figures. I've also added lots of bigger straps (a bit of an Edward Scissorhands influence here) to suggest that his coat has to be strapped over a mechanical body, and who knows how human he is under all that leather?
I would love to try one of these figures in metal or maybe clay (I have no skill or facilities here for the former) or even leather. I want to simplify the materials to make more of the body shape, for example 3 pieces of metal joined togehter for this would I think be great. I could make more use of the construction techniques eg bolts to hold the 3 pieces toghether would enhance the effect. I remember seeing a sculptor's work in Bristol many years ago who made big metal sculptures of robed figures using very simple styalised shapes: a mix of monk and 3D Klimt. I have some pics somwhere which I must uncover.
Will have to give this more thought as I want to create something more resilant. the card and mixed media sculptures look good but are very fragile.