Mr Hyde

I was discussing with someone on Deviantart the idea of creating Steampunk characters based on well known novels. She suggested Oliver Twist. Fat too cute.. so Mr Hyde. I've already done a few doctor/scientist types so it seemed a good choice. Plus I wanted something with a big mechanical arm, a dangerous looking beast of a figure. I know Hyde is not mechanical but this is steampunk so lets assume that Jekyll's skill is not medicine but robotics; hence half man half machine.

Below are some pics to get me thinking (I've tried to include links to the artist's pages where possible):

I want to include some of my favourite elements such as a big Victorian greatcoat with shoulder cape, I used a plastic vial full of washing up liquid in my last figure's back and this would fit with Hyde, along with other mechanical bits in his back. Also a big mechanical arm dragging on the floor and big heavy boots all topped off with lots of straps and buckles.
I'm not sure about the face, goggles and respirator or a distorted human face, perhaps one side mechanical (terminator style)?


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