New Directions

My last few pieces have encouraged me to explore some new directions. Firstly creating smaller detailed more human figures although with slightly styalised faces. Secondly more machine base work like the bike and this is one reason for making smaller figures as they have to become part of a bigger piece.
Having a new direction always makes me motivated so I now have two sculptures underway; an aviator who will be hanging below a dirigible/airship in a pilots seat (seats are great fun to make as I found with the bike) and the guy below.

In these photos of the early construction you can see the basic shape made up from wire card and reinforced newspaper (two layers glued together, edged with thin wire and covered in masking tape then coated in pva)
Originally he was going to be a punk with spiky hair, I found some lovely blue thread joined in tassles at the local craft store (Creativity) and imbedded them in the plasti roc head, the look I wanted was pinched from a Keith Newstead automata I love his work both his automata and the figures he adds to them. They look simple but are a result of very clever and skillful use of materials.

However as he developed he took on a new character altogether:
For some reason he has taken on more of a C18th cavalry officer look (with added straps and buckles).

I really like this type of jacket and the red was a nice change from the usual black and brown leather I go for.  Below you can see I've started to explore a breathing mask for him. He may also get a jet pack or wings or even a BFG. He needs something as he's a bit static at present.


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