flying things

It's been a while since I've created anything,  partly through lack of inspiration but mostly because the weather has been too nice to be inside, so all I've done is fiddle around with a few ideas. None of these were really going anywhere but a few days of rain has provided time and motivation so I now have a few projects taking shape.
Here are some photos of where I am now.

This first guy was originally going to be  a puppet but he was looking too much like a character from the movie 9 so I made him static and added a coat.

I thought he would look good with some kind of jetpack, which has since evolved into a helipack which you can see below in an early stage, made up from bits and pieces.

The second figure has been hanging around for about 6 months and was originally going to be part of a dirigible. I liekd the idea of a helicopter so as with the guy above stuck some bits together to make an engine and added blades.

Finally a head I made a few months back when first playing with sculpey. He  now has a body and will be a thin one legged old man with a crutch and tall stovepipe hat, perhaps a bit Faginish.


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