Finished automata

Despite a few flaws, mostly as a result of figuring movements out as I went, this latest piece works well. The biggest problem was the coffin and rising corpse, the coffin doesn't open quite far enough, and to fix this I would have had to rebuild the entire piece. Also the handle is at the back which means the operator can't really see the working automata, again this would have needed a complete rebuild. That said I learnt a lot making this piece and know that I could fix these problems.

Below are some detail shots.
 The witches head, amde from sculpey, with 2 different beads for eyes, o give her an old rheumy look.

The witches hair is made from something I picked up from the scrapstore, glued to the head. It is hard to control so gives a suitably thin and whispy look.
The head and arms are operated by brass levers and thread. One arm only has a thread as at it moves it pulls on the other arm, unintentional but it works.

The graves are cut from thick marine ply and sponged with greyish acrylic, then the cracks are  exaggerated with black paint. Once attached they will be covere with bits of green modelling moss.
 The ghost is a simple head sculpted from Das on a brass rod with a cross piece for the shoulders. The one arm slots through this and is attached by a thread to the base, so as the ghost moves the tension on the tread makes the arm rise.
The figure is covered with thin white gauze to gve a ghostly finish.
 The corpse is built on a basic ply shape, hinged at the hips so it can sit up. the arm and the head are joined to the base with thread so as the corpse sits up they are pulled into position.
The figure is stained with yellow/brown acrylic to give and old look, the skull modelled in das has a bead eye and whisps of hair.
The coffin itself is wood line with red material.

you can see a more finished video clip of the automata on youtube.


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