Treecreatures visit Glastonbury

I've just installed a blogger app on my iPad so I'm trying it out with a quick news update.
The photo below is of a collection of work from about 3 or 4 years ago which I called treecreatures or tree sprites.
I'm very pleased that they now have a new home on Glastonbury high street with Lilith of Avalon. It's a very cool shop stocking work by many reputable artists including The Frouds, and reputably patronised by Nic Cage who lives nearby!

It's my first time in ages selling any work so both excited that Maya, the owner, thinks my work is worth displaying and a little sad that so many pieces have left home.

I think the plan is for a window display which is very encouraging, so watch this space for a photo.


ferinn said...

What a great result! Has she bought the lot?you have room to make more now.

Trollman said...

All on sale or return, so will have to see what happens. The owner was very enthusiastic though.

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