Tree creatures revisited

It must be nearly 3 years since I made any of these guys but they have been selling well at Lilith of Avalon in Glastonbury so it's time to make some more. I don't normally go back to a style or series of work as I enjoy trying new ideas, materials and techniques but spending a couple of weeks working with sculpey was fun and challenged my modelling skills.

Below are photos of various pieces taking shape.

I started with a bunch of heads to get back into the swing of it. The piece of card with the hole is so the wire hook slot through and can be kept out of the sculpey while modelling.


Once I''d made a few heads I moved onto figures. I ran out of the beige sculpey I normally use and ended up with Super Sculpey, which is cheaper and easier to model with  but a less pleasing colour.




The plan is to make about 8 figures to take down to Lilith of Avalon in Glastonbury at the end of May. So far I have 3 finished and another 3 in progress.


Kim Wedlock said...

They look amazing <3 they always do! I love your imaginationm, and your talent. I have a lot of trouble in the latter :P I know what I want to make, but I never seem able to get there!

Trollman said...

Thanks Kim, my advice would be to keep experimenting, keep making, keep looking at how other people create stuff and sooner or later it will fall into place. When I started out I wouldn't have known where to begin with the work I do now and even now I often go through a few pieces before I'm happy. I can't believe how crude stuff from ten years ago looks now!

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