Steam punk droid

Firstly I want to direct you to a fascinating article called 'Towards a Steampunk Without Steam' by Amal El-Mothar over at Tor dot Com. It explores the values of the genre and challenges the concept that it is just brass, leather and goggles, worth a read and will get you thinking even if you don't agree with it.

Anyway after a week (it's been half term whoo hoo!) of fiddling and not getting to grips with anything that reall seemed to work or grab my enthusiasm I finally got an idea. I was sat at my desk staring at bits of junk and an old hat I'd made and not used for another figure when I realised they would make a great head and body for a robot. 24 hours later you can see the result.

Proves what Picasso said "Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working"
Typical that I get my inspiration just as I have to go back to work though!


ferinn said...

Nevermind,you'll have something to do in the evenings!
Popped into Scrapstore while shopping this week ,they have some clear tubing and still lots of "medical"stuff.57 sleeps til Christmas so I'm told.Aargh!!!!!

junkpunk said...

Just keep fiddling! I love checking out your blog. I'm very poorly at the moment, and seeing your creations gives me great inspiration and gets my imagination going. Inspiration is a bit like a river. Sometimes it's a trickle then suddenly it can turn into a torrent, usually when you're in the middle of something else!

Trollman said...

@Junkpunk, thankyou for your kind words,so true about inspiration being like a river! I love El Faun, very cool use of found materials.

junkpunk said...

Thanks :) Havn't posted anything new online for ages, but i'm still making stuff :)

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