Steam punk droid nearly complete

I've spent the weekend spraying and putting a lot of the bits together so he is starting to look finished. I was worried that the top hat on it's own looked a bit odd, and that he looked like a reject droid from The Phantom Menace, so I've added a coat. I've tried making this out of paper and thin wire edging covered in masking tape. This has the benefit of being quicker and more flexible than the usual card I use. I'm reasonably happy with the result, it's certainly easier to change it's shape, but has minimal stength so no good for some other figures where the coat is part of the stucture.

The photos are not great but it was getting dark when I took these.

The ray gun has been shortened since last week. I found some good bits of plastic (an old pipe joiner I think) and really like the snub nosed look. I had a load of short thin straw like shapes (red) which make up the centre of the barrel. An old medical vile (courtesy as ever of the Scrapstore) filled with shower gel finsihes it off.

If you like Stteam punk ray guns check this video out from Doctor Grordbort's web site.


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