automata delight

I was lucky enough to go to open house art exhibition today and saw some wonderful automata art work by Wanda Sowry who had opened her home for the day. I was greeted by two amazing automata on the hall wall and then a lovely cup of mulled wine (well mulled ribena as I was driving but it was still good). Wanda's automata can be seen by clicking on the image below.

Also on show were Robert Race's driftwood automata, very simple but so clever and effective. My personal favourite was a Trophy with moving eyes seen here (click to see more)

Both artists were really friendly and willing to share some their experience as well as let me take photos of their mechanisms. Wanda's skeleton figures have inspired me try a skeleton cricketer for my Dad's xmas present.

I've taken a break from the steam punk droid to finish a figure started over 2 years ago. The shape was there but he just needed a bit of work on the clothes and painting. Not sure why he was abandoned for so long but I like him. Perhaps once the call of automata has passed I will do some more like him as I haven't made this kind of work for years.


Burnerjack said...

Truly some of the most impressive artwork I've ever seen! Just awesome! I hope you find great financial success as you obviously have already found great creative success. I hope your blog morphs into a "how to" series.

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