2 legs easier than 6 (or is it 8?)

After a few attempts to make a spider legged base I just wasn't geting anywhere, mostly as it looked too bulky and didn't give the figure the precarious look I wanted. (I've since seen a lovely tripod design which would have been perfect)

Anyway keen to move on I sketched some designs based on animal legs, which look very much like Imperial walker legs because I guess that's where ILM got their design from, still looks good though.

I've used a basic mdf one piece leg which I'm adding too to give the effect I want. This was a quick and simple way of making the figure stand up so I could move onto adding the chair.
I need to figure out a way of creating some nice pistons so the legs look like they could function and add a boiler too the back of the chair. This will alos have lots of funky consoles and controls coming off it as well as some kind of foot support for the stooped figure. Not really sure how he will be finished, possibly lots of tubes coming off him.

Below are some images I found for inspiration. I love the metal jaguar by artist Andrew Chase
his work is amazing and well worth checking out.


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