chicken legs

The two legged chair (I've seen this called chicken legs, presumably because of the jointing, but I can't say that it gives the air of menace I wnat from this figure!) has finally got past the basic construction and is now taking on the character I wanted. The legs need a lot more detail and gears etc to give a steam punk feel and I hope to add more consoles and arms to the chair but you can see where it's going.
The chair has been covered in plastiroc modelled to look like padding. The boiler is bits of plastic I've found wrapped in strips of card studded with split pins, you can't see it but the boiler is covered with strips of masking tape which when stained will look like planking.
I found some coiled plastic tube which I plan to have coming out of the figures back like feeding tubes.
The figure is taking shape, he is a thin wire armature with almost no padding covered in tape to give him a gaunt skeletal look. He is awaiting a long coat and lots of straps and tubes.


Gregory House said...

Very nice he reminds me a little of the professor in The Nightmare before Christmas crossed with Herbet West's Reanimator
have a warm and safe NYE

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