A perfect circle

I started the weekend by trying out my idea for cutting a neat circle.
The plan was top make a jig that would allowe me to turn the mdf from which the circle is to be cut on an axis, ensuring a clean accurate cut.
I measured the circle, drilled a central hole to take a dowl and then cut another hole into a thin piece of ply which fits perfectly against the base of the band saw to hold the circle the correct distance from the blade.
I had to cut a line into the mdf to take the blade (this was at right angles to the circles diameter), once done I gently turned the mdf on the dowl and ended up with a near perfect circle.
Cutting the inner circle for the wheel was not as effective because aligning blade and curve  was difficult but now I have the principal I will get there!

Once I had the front wheel I went back to the design and made a basic chasis, with lots of reference to choppers and trikes. So far everything moves including the steering column. To keep construction simple and not spoil the lines I'm using brass rods to pin all the sections together, this proves strong and easy to take apart as I cange and add bits.

The last photo shows some bits of plastic resting in place as I try ideas for the mechanics.


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