Steam Punk SAMCRO

So here is the finished piece, of which I'm really pleased. Not sure of a title yet, anyone recognise the title here?
My next job is to create some good backdrops so I can take some suitably moody pics of my work, may even employ a smoke machine.


Anthony Francisco said...

Really awesome stuff. I love steam punk and I think you did a really good job in getting that feeling across :)

Ripsey said...

Amazing work! Interesting how similar our "steampunk" ideas were :) check out the "Expeditious Velocipede"

I've been a long-time modeler (mostly WW2 and Fantasy stuff) and have contemplated making some kit-bashed vehicles and such... gret to see someone else's work!

Trollman said...

@ Ripsey: lovely work, I like the more quirky nature of your work, the idea of these machines being part of an everyday setting is a good one. Most people, myself included tend towards a darker fantasy or distopyian vision.

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