The Ghosthunters

I had a lot of fun recently creating Professor Gogol; Demon Hunter. He was a fairly quick sculpt using some very simple shapes and structures which gave a really nice look and different to other work I've done recently. He's been sat on my shelf crying out for some backup, lets face it demon hunting is no fun without someone watching your back.
I'm keeping these guys simple, focusing on interesting body shapes and funky top hats, with detail in the goggles and their equipment.
So far each figure is on it's own base but I think they will look good as a set on a round base, all facing outwards. This will be a bit of a pain as the first two have their feet modelled onto the base so will need some fixing, but I think they will look good together.

The third figure of the group, which I've just started will be small, hunchbacked with an oversized tophat and massive thechno thingy on his back, partly to add to the character but also to give interest when viewed from behind.


ferinn said...

Love the drawings !

Gregory House said...

Once more superb work sigh I wish I was richer. Then I'd definately splash a comission your way!

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