Lost the muse?

Some time ago I was corresponding with an amazing artist called Hellgnome and we were discussing what to do when you can't seem to find inspiration. I've been trying to create a dirigible for some time with no real excitment. The idea is for a figure in  chair hanging below a blimp like device but I just can't get going on it. So with a long weekend in the studio I started to play with a few other ideas.
When stuck I usually make heads and from these a character will come to life, (failing that I clean and tidy my studio, a clean desk often helps and you sometimes find bits and pieces to stimulate ideas).
Below is the result.

I liked the head but wasn't clear on the body. I fancied a large stocky figure with a big coat, here are some ideas I played with. I need to work on the backpack a bit more, this will probably depend on what interesting bits I find.

Because the figure is mostly body I created a very simple armature on which to build him. Below you can see the figure from start to completion of basic figure. All told this took about 6 hours.


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