Another technomage

I was really pleased with my last figure The Technomage. I liked all the pipes and tubing and the bits growing from his back, as well as the result of using sculpey for the head. The next figure was an attempt to develop my sculpey sculpting skills with a mor realistic head.

He's a bit rough around the edges in places, but I like the look. The head is sculpey (white I think) stained with red and burnt umber acrylic which ahs given a pleasing flesh effect. The sculpey is slightly transparent so looks like real flesh, as long as you don't overdo the painting. Lots of staining with watered down acrylic, lightly rubbed back with a tissue and built up over time.

Because I wanted this figure to have his workings showing and he has no legs I built him around a hollow card shape.

This is the very basic shape over which I'll add the clothing. The head is on a brass rod which goes through the body and will make up part of his mechanical workings.

The front of the figure, much like the earlier figure is made of segmented body armour (a bit like a wood louse) The sections are made from thin couragated card, edged with thin wire to allow it to keep it's shape. The pieces are then covered in masking tape and a few coats of pva (this strengthens the shapes and also covers the tape joins. This is then painted/stained  with black  brown acrylic. Very little is used and is worked into the surface with a stiff brush giving a lovley finish. I've found that a good coat of glue is needed as the edges of the tape easily pick up an extra bit of paint, spoiling the effect. You can make out the corrugation of the card where the paint has picked up the subtle changes in surface texture. You can also see a larger section which will become the coat. This is made in the same way but using thick parcel paper. It's strong and flexible.

The armour segments are hot glued in place. A last piece is added over the shoulders to make up the edge of the hole in the back.

A section of tube filled with fairy liquid becomes a hose. Thick wire is pushed into the end and this is slotted into a hole in the body.

The coat/robe is made to fit over the body shape. This normally takes a few goes from newspaper before I'm happy with the fit and shape. The collar is especially tricky as you can't lie it flat. As before the shape is edged with wire, covered in tape and layers of glue before staining.

Once I'm happy this is attached to the body with hot glue.

The basic figure is now taking shape, all it needs is arms and the mechanics.


ennovyennovy said...

Beau travail...

junkpunk said...

wow great! Your creations just get better and better. The polymer clay works well with your normal techniques, it looks fleshy and pallid. One cool technique i've found (by accident), if you let the polymer clay burn just a little, you get this really cool looking weathered skin. Keep up the amazing work tho!

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