The Technomage

A few weeks ago I experimented using sculpey to model some heads, with no real idea of an outcome. Here is what the head became.

These photos are from a shoot I did using a smoke machine. I've had limited success with this as the smoke is so hard to control, it's really designed for stage work. I set up a box with holes below the sculpture and let hte smoke rise, taking loads of  shots on a rapid setting. I've done a bit of manipualtion on them but I like the result.

The Technomage (named after a set of characters from Babylon 5) was partly inspired by David Warner's Evil Being character in Time Bandits. He was a tall thin character in red robes with lots of bone like bits (see below) and an ongoing love, if that is the right word, with the wonderful Skeksis created by Brian Froud. I always thought the bug like segmented armour they wore was so cool.


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