Steampunk soldier

I've been working on this guy for some time on and off and he has evolved quite a lot over the making process. I've been posting photos over on facebook purely because it's so easy but wanted to add the images here too.

The basic armature waiting to be dressed.

The coat made from parcel paper edged with thin wire so it bends, covered in masking tape for texture and strength then coated inlayers of pva, both for stength and to smooth over the tape joins.

The coat stained with black/burnt umber acrylic and given another coat of glue.

The bits for the gun and powerpack, all courtesy of the scrapstore. Most of this comes from medical supplies. The circular shape is a wheel form a model racing car.

 Painted, put togeher and powered by fairy liquid!

Mock up of his gun which willl be joined by tubes to the powerpack. 

The nearly finished figure, with two possible finishes.

The complete figure, with extra cables, breathing tubes etc.



I also replaced all te flying cap straps, using paper (as for the coat) rather than the original card which gives a more convincing look.


BlacknickSculpture said...

I enjoy seeing how your wonderful creations come together! I have to remember to look you up on FB!

Shona M MacDonald said...

I'm so impressed. I had no idea, looking at the finished pieces on dA, that they were made from bits of junk!

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