Environment suit

I've not really had the creative urge of late and I've certainly not had a piece that has really inspired or challenged me. Normally if I feel like that I make something just to get me going. As a result I have lots of half started things; heads, bodies etc which may or may not come to life.

I started this figure after seeing  a picture of a diver's mouthpiece and thought it might make an intersting way to develop a head; long face with tubes coming from the mouth rather than the full face pieces I've done recently.
I also had plenty of tubes so thought I'd try using these for arms and legs (with wire inside) and create a athin body instead of a stocky figure with long leather coat.

He's developing into some kind hazmat or environment suit with a large neck collar similar to a deep sea diver.

I like the way his head comes out over the collar, although this makes no scientific sense if he is supposed to have a helmet attached to the collar!


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