Sculpey Puppet

Managed to finish the sculpey head and hands this week and very happy with result. I was worried that the thickness of sculpey would be a problem but apart from a slight crack it seems fine and isn't too heavy. The idea is that the puppet will be held and moved using the stick out of the back.

Using different sculpey for the horns (transparent) gives a good bone effect but for some reason the teeth stayed white. I think I may have contaminated the sculepy.

The stick snapped (just to the right of the photo) so will ahve to reinforce it with wire.

You can see the different colour in the teeth which should look like the horns.

You can just make out the crack over the right eyebrow. I hope when it's painted a little filler will turn it into a scar.

I hadn't given much thought up till now on the body or how to make it.
The body is thick wire beant into shape and covered with card. The hoops will allow the limbs to be joined on.

I've opted for dowl, metal rod and string for the arms and legs, kotted and taped in place and then covered with wadding

I've lghtly glued the wadding to the arm and sewn fabric onto it for the basic arm

More to come soon....


ferinn said...

Looks really good,the modeling of the hands is amazing.The transparent Sculpey works really well.

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