Another Automata?

I've had some good feedback on deviantart for the spider and I'm keen to use what I've learnt to do something more ambitious. Ideas so far include a steam punk fish with moving fins and mouth or a winged figure or possibly a figure in some kind of flying machine. While thinking how to move forward I've gone back to a figure I started last month. Although I had some ideas for this I was a bit unhappy with the way it was developing, so I got out the junk box (courtesy of the scrapstore) and started to play. The result is the figure is now part mechanoid with a chimney and fly wheel in his back and wheels! He is turning into a steam punk Davros so maybe some Dalek type panels rather than a leather coat?

As the figure developed today I realised he would make an excelent automata. I will complete the static figure and then recreate as a moving figure. the wheels and flywheel could move but not sure what else, maybe a turning head and moving arm?

Anyway here are some photos of the bits from today.


junkpunk said...

Wow, can't wait to see this finished! I love your art!!!

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